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New season/New programs

Stage Combat Jr.           Ages 12- 15

Monday   4:30 – 6:00             January 7 – February 11        6 weeks

Stage Combat Sr.           Ages 16- Adult       

Monday      6:30 – 8:00               January 7 – February 11                          6 Weeks

Training and preparing for theatrical combat includes developing an understanding of space, distance, physical communication, breathing, handling of props, timing, partner work, musicality, story, energy transference, presence, and awareness. Over the 6 week course, participants will explore these concepts to the best of their individual ability. Intro to Unarmed, Found Weapons, and Knife:

Advanced Performance Jr.                    Ages 9-12       

Tuesday 4:00 – 5:30 January 8 – March 12 Final         10 weeks

Advanced Performance Seniors            Ages 13- 17

Tuesday 5:30 – 7:00 January 8 – March 12                   10 weeks
Intermediate/advanced students will work on character development, interpretation and performance skills. Acting techniques to work on monologues and scene work. Class final presentation.

IMPROV  “Scared Scriptless”                  Ages 15- adult

Tuesday    7:00- 9:30          January 22 – February 26    6 weeks               

Students will learn Improv techniques and games both Theatre Sport and Canadian Improv Game styles. Learn to think on your feet, drop self-editing and work as a team. Opportunities to join the TheatreWorks Improv Teams – Junior and Senior.

Radio Works                                               Adult

Thursday  1:00 – 3:00       January 10 – March 14          8 weeks
Radio Voices: Senior Company This fun and engaging program is a call out for good readers who will bring to life Comedy and Drama from the golden era of radio, a spine-chilling thriller or side-splitting entertainment. The outcome of nine rehearsals will be a performance (or two) of a RadioWorks Live broadcast in front of a studio audience.

Voice Over                                                Ages 12-17

Thursday   4:30 – 6:00       January 10 – March 14         8 weeks

Radio Voices: Junior Company This exciting and focused program for young people will further reading skills, voice-work capabilities, and acting skills. Imagine being cast to create a new character for an animated movie. At the end of this 10-week program will be a live performance of a “RadioWorks Broadcast.”

Intro Shakespeare                                   Ages 15- Adult 

Thursday         7:00 – 8:30          January 17 – February 22       6 weeks  

February 21 presentation 7:30

Teens/Adults will be challenged to choose one speech from Shakespeare’s many characters, learn to decode the script for delivery clues and context, connecting your character’s thoughts about circumstances with emotional expression and movement. Monologues will be practiced with directorial guidance and presented to an invited audience for an evening of Dramatic Moments for Shakespeare’s Characters.

Production  Rehearsal             Wednesday Evenings

Friday             7:00 – 9:00   

New Play Works        Mixed Ages

Friday            7:00 – 9:00       January 11 – March 2          8 Weeks
Performance March 1- 2 

Starting with an original script, guest director and auditioned placement  comes a unique opportunity to participate in a training process creating dramatic characters never heard from before. The War Of Miranda Bird,  by Robinson Wilson, explores the trauma and tragedy of hitchhiker disappearances.

Directions In Drama I    Ages 4 – 7 

Saturday       10:00 – 11:15        January 12 – March 16                          10 Weeks

OR Wednesday   3:30 – 4:45      January 9 – March  13

Direction in Drama II 

Saturday        11:30 – 1:00           January 12 – March 16                         10 weeks 

OR Wednesday 5:00 – 6:30          January 9 – March 13

 This program was created for both the bold and shy student. With the use of story theatre, improvisation and movement, students will create scenes and characters. This program encourages imagination, confidence and team play.  Students will have a presentation upon completion of term for family / friends.

Production  Rehearsal    Sundays

Coming soon: Ask us about  Audition Notices for Upcoming Productions                                                                                        

  • Intro to Film Work / On Camera
  • Stagecraft: Light-Sound control/ Makeup/ Costumes/
  • Backstage
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All programs at our new home base The WORKS located at 279C Puntledge Road

(across from Value Village – behind Yummies & Gyros)

Space is limited so Registration is first come/first served.

 information and registration  250 792-2031