TheatreWorks is a unique company dedicated to providing quality instruction in theatre arts and self-development to all levels and ages.

Classes and workshops at TheatreWorks are interactive. Students and participants learn by doing, not by being lectured to. We believe that experience is our best teacher.

Theatre is a valuable tool in teaching social skills, self-discipline, confidence, empathy and teamwork. These very real benefits of working on stage will last a lifetime!


Summer Stage

Welcome to Summer Stage 2017! We look forward to making this year’s SummerStage experience a great one. We also encourage you to ask questions and to be informed about the process and the production that your children are involved in.

Remember that our programs are developed to ensure your children are treated with kindness, encouragement and are provided with a safe environment in which to explore and learn theatre skills and good theatre etiquette. The skills acquired here will benefit your children in all areas of their lives for years to come.

Kymme Patrick - Artistic Director
Ross Stephanson - Technical Director

Parent/Guardian and Cast Information


A commitment is needed to ensure that rehearsal time is fully utilized by students:

  • arriving on time and being ready to go (crucial).
  • not missing rehearsals and definitely not missing performances.
  • having a strong sense of team/cast co-operation which develops consistency, follow-through and appreciation for how the whole production is put together.

Rehearsal Readiness

  • All rehearsals and performances are expected to be held at Gagliardi Academy (1475 Noel, Comox)
  • Bring a duo-tang/small binder for script with a pencil and eraser (brought to EVERY rehearsal).
  • Information re any changes in times/schedules etc. will come via email (please check daily)
  • Each child needs to bring a tote/pack to hold their “stuff” and a quiet time activity (e.g. book) to do when they have down time.
  • Please send your child with hair tied back/braided, i.e. “off the face”.
  • “Electronic” games/devices: please keep these for home. It’s only a few hours (they often prove to create a somewhat noisy distraction).
  • Please send a suitable snack with your child each day with water / juice (NO POP/GLASS BOTTLES)
  • “Special” Snack Day: Friday is the day for this. Feel free to send cookies, veggies and dip etc. to share if you so choose.
  • Please arrive five minutes before the call time to ensure we can start on time. Younger children will wait in the rehearsal space to be picked up. Please notify your child’s mentor or a TheatreWorks staff member if someone else will be picking up your child.

An order form for optional DVD of the production and T-Shirt will be made available on first day of program.

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Shakespeare aptly wrote and continues to encourage us to play, “the play’s the thing”.

Join TheatreWorks in a fabulous summer on or off the stage. There will be mentor programs for those interested in technical work with lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, stage management, and shadow directing.

Space is limited and fills quickly. Please call for further information at 250-792-2031 or, better yet, e-mail us!


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